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We would like to thank Vladimer and Sergey for an absolutely fabulous time with their Ground Effect wing the SKAT.  ski mobile 6 seater/ to see their first machine, fantastic ski mobile 6 seater.


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Ground Effect Wings are designed to fly close to the ground.

They generate the lift required to maintain level flight just above the ground using the aerodynamic effects and changes occurring in and out of that region.


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As a design base for the proposed ground effect boat we have chosen the ESKA-1. Our reason for this is its aerodynamic layout guarantees the highest level of safety in flight which allows flight above the surface at heights of more than 30% of the average aerodynamic chord of the wing.


Below the original ESKA-1

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In actual fact this design is a modified version of the Kh-113 WIG of A. Lippish.

The chief problem facing the designer is that of ensuring longitudinal stability of the flying boat. A ducted delta wing of reverse arrow shape allows a successful resolution of this problem, in so far as this particular form of wing has the highest self-stabilising capacity at the moment. Moreover, Mr. A. Lippish, in his scientific studies, confirms that the optimal mode of flight for this design is flying at a height equivalent to half of the wingspan.  In our case we will be flying between 1 and  3 metres above the surface. Some other types are designed to fly at a height equivalent to 0.1 to 0.3 of the average aerodynamic chord which does not give them a great ground clearance when flying at a height of 30 to 80 centimetres.


The extra reserve of height in our view increases safety and visibility.


The promising nature of this design is also indicated by the fact that it is used on the Kh-114 series of machines.


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A 6-seater GEA designed for military transport purposes is shown in the photograph above.

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